Our new Annex website for UK (and multiplatform-friendly) visitors: EbooksDirect-Annex.com

Our new Annex website for UK (and multiplatform-friendly) visitors: EbooksDirect-Annex.com

We're adding a new site to assist our UK-based visitors and others interested in buying Ebooks Direct's ebooks from other platforms.

The post-Brexit changes in the VAT treatment of overseas goods sold to UK customers mean that small digital companies selling directly into the UK market must now function under an increased burden of bureaucracy and paperwork (and just plain work) that we have decided not to shoulder. (Because we'd also like to get some writing done.) As a result, we're no longer selling our ebooks directly into the United Kingdom. (See this blog posting for more info.) At the moment, our products are being masked from UK visitors.

That said: we're building a workaround that will assist not just our UK visitors, but those interested in buying Ebooks Direct ebooks on other platforms. As soon as it's ready (ideally during Q3 of 2021), UK visitors will automatically be redirected to our new website at ebooksdirect-annex.com. This site will not sell books directly, but will link to our ebooks' pages at platforms such as Amazon, Google Books, Apple Books, and Kobo (as we get our EBD ebooks signed up to these sites). All of these platforms have infrastructure in place to collect and report UK VAT -- a job we'll happily leave to them.

It will take a while for us to populate the new site with off-EBD books, as this hasn't been our emphasis until this situation solidified. We have to get signed up with the other non-Amazon platforms and get the associated paperwork handled: then the books have to be published, each in its best format for that particular platform. This isn't going to happen overnight, so please bear with us.

Ebooks that are being exclusively offered at Ebooks Direct will still no longer be available for direct purchase by UK readers. But with a very few exceptions, exclusives will routinely be released to the platforms within 30 days after their appearance at EBD. We've also opened signups for a monthly newsletter at which UK (and other interested) EBD users will be notified when new releases from Ebooks Direct have "gone wide" to other platforms. The signup form linked to above will also appear at the bottom of all pages at the new site: we hope you'll avail yourself of it!

Meanwhile, if you are a former Ebooks Direct purchaser with a UK address: we will of course continue to honor our promise to (on your request) replace at no cost any previously purchased ebooks you've lost through platform change or misadventure. Just email the store's customer service email address at EbooksDirectStore@gmail.com, and we'll sort things out for you. However, you won't be able to make any new purchases from 00:01 on 1/1/21. We're very sorry about that. Also (...unfortunately...) if you buy ebooks from the non-EBD platforms, we will not be able to replace those for you for free. You'll have to take matters up with the platform in question.

And to all our current and previous UK customers: thank you again for your custom. Here, on our main and oldest platform, we'll miss you.


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