2021 Hugo Nominators Collection

2021 Hugo Nominators Collection

This collection page contains links to ebook versions of works in the Young Wizards series -- comprising nine of the ten* main-sequence novels in the series, and the various interstitial works, from short fiction to novel-length works, that bridge some of the main-sequence works.

To be eligible for nomination for a Hugo award for Best Series in a given year, a series must comprise at least three works totalling at least 240,000 words, and one work in the series must have been released during the previous year.

The first three works in the Young Wizards series total approximately 270,000 words. The remaining main-sequence works and interstitial short works, novellas and novels total approximately 1,150,000 words. (So if you're new to these works, you'll have enough to keep you busy for a while...!)

During the nominations eligibility period, works appearing on this page were available at Ebooks Direct at a 25% discount for those interested in reading them in consideration of Hugo nomination. Now that nominations are closed, the discount has been withdrawn. (A note in passing for interested parties: the texts of the main-sequence YW series works available here are the updated and revised New Millennium Editions of the works. The versions of the novels available on Amazon and other online retailers are the original unrevised versions from the main series book's traditional publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.)

As with all our ebooks, the Young Wizards works are all DRM-free and can be moved among your e-reading devices at your pleasure; and if you lose them or change platforms, we'll replace them for free. Just contact us at the store's support address with your order number. 

The discount code was valid until Hugo nominations closed on March 19th, 2021 at 11:59 PM PDT. (For a walkthrough of our store's purchase process, please see the video here.)

Thanks kindly for interest and/or your consideration!

*The tenth Young Wizards novel, Games Wizards Play, is not a New Millennium Editions work and is presently only available in ebook format from Harcourt Trade Publishers.

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The Book of Night with Moon (Feline Wizards Volume 1)
$4.99 $2.50
Some cats -- the ones who're also wizards -- work in the world as the guardians of Gates, maintaining the...
To Visit The Queen (Feline Wizards Volume 2)
$4.99 $2.50
The wizard-cats of Grand Central Terminal -- housecat Rhiow, alley cat Urruah, techie tortie Saash and formerly feral kitten Arhu...
The Big Meow (Feline Wizards Volume 3)
$5.99 $3.00
Life's already too busy for the little black wizard-cat Rhiow and the other cats of the New York City worldgating...
Owl Be Home For Christmas
$4.99 $2.50
JD 2459186.50000 / December 2nd, 2020... Tonight's the night when the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is about to be...