I Want Everything You've Got

I Want Everything You've Got

This page features a collection of everything presently on offer in our store. (Items that appear in the store both separately and as part of collections or omnibus volumes are included here in those collections/omnibuses.) Our freebies are included as well, because why not?

Put all the items in this collection in your cart and you'll be good to go. (Apologies for this somewhat clunky option. We're working on a one-click solution for this. But until we manage to implement it -- a couple of days at most -- we're forced to do it this way instead of as a bundle. To our great annoyance, the store's two different bundling apps get into a fistfight when we try to automate this process using either of them. Our apologies for the brief delay.)

Anyway:  once you've made this purchase, we'll refund you 15% on your purchase price... because when you're buying in bulk like this, it's only fair!

This collection is up to date as of March 1, 2020. New releases will be added to it as they become available.

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YW New Millennium 9-Volume Box Set
$39.99 $20.00
Our New Millennium Editions box sets are optimized for each of the devices appearing in the drop-down menu.The New Millennium...
Interim Errantry
$9.99 $5.00
What happens between book 9 of the Young Wizards series, A Wizard of Mars, and book 10, Games Wizards Play? ...
How Lovely Are Thy Branches Advent Calendar
The How Lovely Are Thy Branches Advent Calendar is a collection of 20,000 words of "outtakes" and other dialogue not...
Interim Errantry 2: On Ordeal
$9.99 $5.00
A wizard's Ordeal is intensely personal, and sometimes (though not always) intensely dangerous. Each Ordeal is tailored to the wizard...
Young Wizards 30 Day OTP (Days 1-17)
DD says:"For those of you who don’t know what this is all about: It’s a challenge to draw or write...
The Book of Night with Moon (Feline Wizards Volume 1)
$4.99 $2.50
Some cats -- the ones who're also wizards -- work in the world as the guardians of Gates, maintaining the...
To Visit The Queen (Feline Wizards Volume 2)
$4.99 $2.50
The wizard-cats of Grand Central Terminal -- housecat Rhiow, alley cat Urruah, techie tortie Saash and formerly feral kitten Arhu...
The Big Meow (Feline Wizards Volume 3)
$5.99 $3.00
Life's already too busy for the little black wizard-cat Rhiow and the other cats of the New York City worldgating...
The "Tale of the Five" Omnibus
$8.99 $4.50
"Good strong stuff with the right light touch." --Terry Pratchett"Expands the limits of the swords and sorcery genre. Exciting, magical,...
The Levin-Gad (Tales of the Five #1)
$3.99 $2.00
In this 20,000-word novelette set in the main character through-line of the Door Into... novels, the first man in a...
The Landlady (Tales of the Five #2)
$7.99 $4.00
In this 75,000-word novel set in the main character through-line of the Door Into... series, sorceress and swordswoman Segnbora tai-Enraesi...
Sirronde's World 1: The Span
$2.99 $1.50
Sirronde d'Aneik is a Rodmistress -- one of the many wielders of the blue Flame of Power whom the Goddess...