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With the February 2016 publication of the tenth Young Wizards novel, we've decided to celebrate by offering a discount to those who want to catch up on the main sequence of the series, or pick up a copy of the new in-between volume that covers the events between A Wizard of Mars and Games Wizards Play.

(Click here for more publication info on Games Wizards Play. Also, interested in getting a signed / personalized copy? Check GWP's page at Signed Books Direct for availability.)

For a limited time, all the Young Wizards New Millennium Edition ebook box sets -- each tailored to your chosen reading device -- as well as the interstitial Young Wizards collection Interim Errantry, are available for half price. (For the 9-volume sets, that means you're getting the whole series so far, in its revised editions, for just USD $2.22 per book!)

Also at 50% off is Lifeboats, the Young Wizards novel that takes place between books 9 and 10. (Lifeboats is included in Interim Errantry for those who want it along with the Halloween story Not On My Patch and the Christmas story How Lovely Are Thy Branches.)

To purchase, you can use the order boxes here, each of which will put the item you choose straight into your cart at Ebooks Direct. Or click through to the product pages for the NME box sets or Interim Errantry to find out more about each.

As always, both the box sets and Interim Errantry are DRM-free... and the Interim Errantry price is (for the moment) lower than it is at Amazon. (Though of course you can buy it there if you prefer, or even get it there in paperback.)

So take advantage of the offer while it lasts!


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