With 2024 beginning, we're taking the opportunity to move some things aroundebook collections and so forthto make the Ebooks Direct store easier for our visitors to use. We expect this work to take most of January 2024. 
Though our long-running 50%-off-everything discount is no longer in effect, individual readjustment of ebook prices will be going on throughout the month -- usually down from their current doubled prices. We're planning to adjust individual book prices to reflect each work's word length. New releases will be priced slightly lower than their word-length price for their first thirty days on offer; after that their prices will be adjusted to fit into their length class.
Multi-book bundle prices will be undergoing adjustments too. They'll routinely have higher prices than they did when being sold under the site-wide discount, but they will routinely not double as individual book prices have currently done. We want to keep bundle prices as affordable as possible for our customers... so if there's a bundle you're after, check the store to see where its price is at.

Meanwhile, just a reminder that all our ebooks are DRM-free and can be used on multiple devices and moved from one to another just as you please! (See our sideloading guide to see how to get our ebooks into your device.) Should you lose access to your ebooks due to misadventure or a change in device platform, we'll replace them for free. Because why should you have to pay for ebooks twice?

The Ebooks Direct master shop inventory is here. Take a look through it to get a feel for our New Year changes... and thanks for stopping by!

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