Herewiss, Freelorn, and Sunspark BBQing

"Well, you did say well done!"

It's a day to celebrate independence. Surely that means that independent booksellers can be part of the celebration as well! So we're doing as many other retailers do on the 4th of July.

Until 11:59 PM Hawai'ian time on the evening of July 5th (because who knows, you might want a day to recover from the festivities before you feel like reading anything...), our entire ebook inventory is 50% off. This discount includes ebooks newly updated to the cutting-edge Vellum ebook formatting system, as well as our bigger-ticket items like the Tale of the Five Omnibus (some of whose inhabitants you can see getting into the barbecuing spirit above) and the complete 9-volume set of the revised and updated New Millennium Editions of the Young Wizards series -- an amazing bargain when the discounted price means you're paying just a shade over USD $3.00 per ebook!

All our ebooks are DRM-free and can be used on multiple devices and moved from one to another just as you please. And should you lose access to them due to misadventure or a change in device platform, we'll replace your ebooks for free.

So scroll down and have a rummage through our inventory (please bear with it if it takes a moment to load: it does that sometimes). And thanks for stopping by!



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