At EBD HQ, visitors watch Ireland rugby at the Aviva 

We're not really football fans around here. (Except for the European kind, and even then, only sometimes. Or rugby, when Ireland's playing. Which it is at the moment, and we won yesterday: yay!)

But word has reached us that there are actually people in North America who don't much care about football either (or for other reasons just don't want to pay any attention to it right now).

So until midnight Hawai'ian time, (or 10 AM UK time on February 3rd) everything at Ebooks Direct is 50% off. No need for discount codes: the store's already handled that for you. ...So that you can (potentially) spend of the rest of the day reading and ignoring the pigskin-based ruckus.

"Everything" includes our newest offerings, the first two interstitial novelettes / short novels in Diane Duane's Middle Kingdoms series (and the first new Middle Kingdoms writing in 25 years), Tales of the Five: The Levin-Gad and Tales of the Five: The Landlady. It also includes the complete 9-volume set of the revised and updated New Millennium Editions of the Young Wizards series -- a truly ridiculous bargain at its sale price, when you're paying just a shade over USD $2.22 per ebook!

All our books are available in the major ebook formats, all are DRM-free, and as always, if due to platform change or device failure you lose your ebooks, we'll replace them free.

So scroll down and see what's on offer! (You might need to wait a moment while the inventory loads: thanks in advance for your patience.) 

Whether you're a football fan or not, thanks for dropping by! (And whatever your preferences, we hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl weekend.)


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The Feline Wizardry sequence

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The Tale of the Five series

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Collected short fiction by Diane Duane

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