SO YOU WANT TO BE A WIZARD: for 1 day only, get it for $1.99!


ETA: This sale is now officially over, but we invite you to take advantage (while it lasts) of the ongoing discount on the 9-book box sets of the Young Wizards New Millennium editions.Thanks for dropping by!

We don't often offer so deep a discount on one of our books... but for the New Year it seems like a great time to offer new readers a chance to find out about a kind of magic they may never have heard about before.

Praised by critics and readers alike for more than three decades, So You Want To Be A Wizard is the kickoff volume of an open nine-book series telling the tale of two kids from the New York suburbs who're plunged into a world of wizardry they never knew existed. Their ongoing adventures catapult Nita Callahan and Kit Rodriguez (as well as their relatives and friends) into a universe of magical challenge -- battling the Lone Power that was cast out at the birth of the worlds, while also trying to keep their lives in the mundane world running on an even keel.

For one day only (to keep certain large retailers from noticing), we're offering new readers a chance to explore the first adventure in Diane Duane's Young Wizards universe for just $1.99! This is the New Millennium Edition of the book, updated and expanded by the author for new 21st-century readers, and available exclusively here at Ebooks Direct.

Like all our ebooks, So You Want To Be A Wizard is DRM-free and can be moved between your devices just as you please. (And like all our other ebooks, if you lose it due to device loss or platform change, we'll replace it for you for free.)