Not the real busted oven. Not the real repairman. But you knew that!

We've all heard it... that sucking-in-air noise the repairman makes when he has bad news for you about your appliance. We haven't sent for a repairman (because there's no point, as you'll learn...), but we can hear it anyway. Our local magic-using fixer up there  (seen in the virtual test kitchens of the upcoming Food and Cooking of the Middle Kingdoms), would make the very same noise once he'd been brought up to date on what's going on.

It's always a nuisance when a major appliance goes belly-up, or starts to, between paychecks. (Well, it's annoying no matter what the paychecks are doing!) Our kitchen stove (or cooker, as they say over here), more than fifteen years old now, has been getting crotchety for a good while. It's had all its major parts replaced over time, some more than once. This past Monday it blew out its convection oven's / fan oven's heating element, capping a series of failures that point to an electrical fault sufficiently expensive to repair that instead, we could simply buy a new cooker.

We thought it over and decided it's time to do just that. To help us pull together the cash we needed, while the sale was on we offered three days of a deeper discount than the 50%-off that the store's already been running for some time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Entering the discount code BUSTEDOVEN at checkout would provide an additional 10% off your purchase, for a total discount of 60%.

(ETA, 20:59 BST, June 25: While this sale officially ended at 8:20 PM BST on June 25th, we're leaving the 10%-extra-off discount code active for another few hours, as we've had some latecomers pop in. We'll deactivate the code around midnight Irish/UK time on the 25th. But when it expires, the 50% off sale already in place will continue as usual.)

We're happy to let everybody know who stopped in to make a purchase (or to use the store's or PayPal's "Buy A Cuppa" option) that the sale has indeed provided enough cash for us to buy our new cooker... and we want to thank you all very much for your help!

Meanwhile, all our big-ticket items remain part of the continuing 50%-off sale, including the Young Wizards New Millennium Editions 9-volume box sets and the new "Give Me Everything You've Got" package that gives you the contents of our whole store with one click!

All our ebooks are DRM-free and can be used on multiple devices and moved from one to another just as you please. (See our sideloading guide to see how to get our ebooks into your device.) And should you lose access to your ebooks due to misadventure or a change in device platform, we'll replace them for free. (Because seriously, why should you have to pay for ebooks twice?)

So scroll down and have a rummage through our inventory (please bear with it if it takes a moment to load: it does that sometimes).

(A reminder to our friends in the UK: We deeply regret that, due to Brexit, we are no longer able to sell you ebooks directly—please see this post for the sad details.)

So thanks for your interest; and thanks for stopping by!

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