This second collection of (mostly) short fiction from Diane Duane features tales based on folklore, ghost stories and fairy tales with a modern twist.
The stories in the collection include:

  • First Readthrough:  How you do the casting for a fairy tale… and what can go wrong while you do.
  • The Dovrefell Cat:  Your pet polar bear may sometimes be a problem, but there’s one night of the year when he shines.
  • …Under My Skin:  Some first dates just don’t work out the way you think they will: not at all.
  • A Swiss Story:  Lots of people from that part of the world have something in their lives from “during the War”. But not many have anything like this…
  • Blank Check:  A most unusual client turns up at one of the world’s oldest banks with an impossible request… which nonetheless must be fulfilled.
  • Don’t Put That In Your Mouth, You Don’t Know Where It’s Been:  A would-be worshipper of the Triple Goddess has her upcountry ritual disturbed by something very odd.
  • The House:  A school project examining gingerbread as a structural element turns into something way more personal.
  • Cold Case:  A cop who won’t take no for an answer meets a murder victim who’s even more stubborn than he is.
  • The title work, Midnight Snack:  “Dad came down with the flu that week, so I had to go down to the subway and feed the unicorns…”
  • And completing the collection, a full-length feature film screenplay, Dead & Breakfast:  a ghost story with computers.
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