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The New Millennium Editions of So You Want to Be a Wizard, Deep Wizardry, High Wizardry, A Wizard Abroad, The Wizard's Dilemma, A Wizard Alone, Wizard's Holiday, Wizards at War and A Wizard of Mars have been revised and edited for their 21st-century readership. All nine volumes feature new material which does not appear in the original editions, and continue the new 2008-based timeline established in the New Millennium Edition of SYWTBAW.

Box sets come at a significant discount from the individual-volume purchase price!

What the critics say:

So You Want To Be A Wizard:
“Duane is a skilled master of the genre. …Reminiscent of the work of Madeline L’Engle… but Duane has a lighter touch and carries her fabrication to greater imaginative heights.” (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Deep Wizardry:
“There is a seamlessness about the book, and a growing power that grips the reader and refuses to let go. …The novel is deeply resonant, provocative, and moving.” (New York Times: featured review)

High Wizardry:
“There’s a pacing that doesn’t let up from the very beginning. And even more than that, there’s a Heinleinesque affection for the characters. High Wizardry is high entertainment.” (Locus)

A Wizard Abroad:
“Duane seamlessly interweaves encounters with creatures from legend with glimpses of modern Irish life and teen culture… So clever and well reasoned that readers will have no trouble suspending disbelief.” (School Library Journal)

The Wizard’s Dilemma:
“A harrowing but triumphant affirmation of the power of the human spirit. Powerful and satisfying on many levels.” (Kirkus Reviews: starred review)

A Wizard Alone:
“A wonderful fantasy that marries magic and wizardry with the natural world.” (VOYA: 5Q — highest rating)

Wizard’s Holiday:
“Full of magic and adventure… Duane provides a well-written, well-developed book and should be lauded for her amusing, engaging prose.” (VOYA: 5Q — highest rating)

Wizards at War:
“The strong characterization, complex plot, and truly fascinating universe combined with a stellar, heartbreaking, nail-biting conclusion guarantee not to disappoint.” (VOYA, 5Q — highest rating)

A Wizard of Mars:
From Kirkus Reviews: “One of the finest current writers of speculative fiction pays loving homage to its Golden Age in this ninth title… Duane’s worldbuilding gleams with crystalline precision, a-glitter with lapidary characterization. Mundane dilemmas integrate smoothly with world-shaking crises, shot through with sparkling humor. Best of all... number ten (Games Wizards Play) is on the way.”
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