The How Lovely Are Thy Branches Advent Calendar is a collection of 20,000 words of "outtakes" and other dialogue not appearing in the novelette.

The 24 sections will make almost no sense whatsoever to anyone who hasn't read How Lovely Are Thy Branches. They nonetheless contain glimpses behind some of the more obscure aspects of wizardly discipline and family life in the Callahan and Rodriguez households.


Day 1: When is cider not cider?
Day 2: Balls
Day 3: Ritual Practices
Day 4: Seasonality and Subterfuge
Day 5: Classifications
Day 6: The Toy You Didn't Get (Part 1)
Day 7: The Toy You Didn't Get (Part 2)
Day 8: Phoradendron leucarpum
Day 9: Chimney logistics
Day 10: Value judgments and vomit
Day 11: How many more Santas do we need?
Day 12: Catering and "calling birds"
Day 13: Messaging
Day 14: The Bottom of the Eggnog
Day 15: Christmas Dinner Re (-Re-Re-Re-Re) dux
Day 16: Reindeer games
Day 17: O Bitch Ye Merry Gentlemen (and -women) (and -beings)
Day 18: They Three Kings of Orient (Possibly) Were(n’t)
Day 19: Amateur theatrics
Day 20: How it crumbles
Day 21: On the couch
Day 22: De gustibus...
Day 23: Gold and other presents
Day 24: The theft of days
Day 25: Putting the (shopping) cart before the horse

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