This package contains all our Middle Kingdoms materialsome of the first LGBTQ-representing epic fantasy in the 20th-century fantasy field, now continuing into the 21st. It also contains the matter-of-fact exit from the (contextual) closet of two of the best-loved characters in the Young Wizards universeAdvisory wizards Tom Swale and Carl Romeo, on their first canonically-"out" venture of as a couple.

The main part of the collection spans forty years, from the publication of Diane Duane's two-time Astounding Award finalist The Door Into Fire, first published in 1979, through its main-sequence sequels (both also Gaylaxic Spectrum Awards Hall of Fame winners) The Door Into Shadow and The Door Into Sunset, to 2019's most recent interstitial Tales of the Five novel,The Landlady. The collection also includes such otherwise hard to find short works as Lior and the Sea and the two current volumes of the "Sirronde's World" group, The Span and Parting Gifts.* And finally, it also includes the just-dropped Middle Kingdoms novelette Overdue (Tales of the Middle Kingdoms #2), and the short Young Wizards work Owl Be Home For Christmas.

The current package price reflects an earlier 50%-off package discount which for the time being we've left in place.

*Before you ask: The Span is "Sirronde's World #1": Parting Gifts is "Sirronde's World #3." Part 2 has not yet been written.


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