People have been asking me for some time where they can find various short works i done. so it seemed like a good idea to publish collection of fiction and done that: Uptown Local and Other Interventions.

The collection contains some of the harder to find stuff, like the title story, and various other original works (not licensed stuff, sorry: I can't self-publish the Star Trek or Dr. Who work, for obvious reasons).

In 1991 the new newspaper The European did a short story contest, the only restrictions being that the stories could not be more than 2000 words long and had to have a European theme. So I did a short story and sent it along. It didn't win, but I got a very nice letter back from one of the editors saying that if they'd been considering publishing a fantasy story, it would have been a strong contender.

Anyway, it got saved to disk and tucked away, and when our website tech lady suggested that a good way to test the shopping cart would be to give it a small ebook-format file to handle, after a little while I thought of the European story. So if you'd like to read it, please use this page to get a copy. The store will put you through the usual checkout process, but the price is $0.00 and the story's free. It's available in two formats, Kindle /.mobi and Nook / iPad / ePub.

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