Great power turns up in surprising places...

Kit and Nita join forces once more against the terrible Lone Power on an unusual battleground, as they fight for the heart and mind of a young wizard with the power to save their world.

Initially, Kit finds himself flying solo as Nita is struggling with depression after the events of The Wizard's Dilemma. Luckily, Kit's telepathic pooch, Ponch, is happy to fill Nita's niche temporarily, as long as enough dog biscuits are involved.

Kit's fighting to understand why autistic wizard-in-training Darryl McAllister has been stuck in his wizardly Ordeal for over three months. Exploring inside Darryl's mind as they try to assist him, Kit and Ponch discover complex landscapes of weird beauty and evidence of a tremendous hidden power for good. But they also find the Lone Power there, pursuing and attacking Darryl with a relentless brutality that makes little sense even in the dangerous context of a new wizard's initiation. What makes Darryl so important -- and why can't he escape his Ordeal?

Nita, meanwhile, is distracted from her sorrow by a series of strange dreams in which mysterious beings alternately ask for her help and warn her of a deadly danger from which they're trying to protect the world. What do the cryptic messages mean? She has to find out quickly -- because now Kit, too, has vanished. Can she find him before the peril in which he's immersed himself becomes a trap from which he may never escape? And even if Nita does find him in time, will the two of them be able to join forces with Darryl in time to deal with the Lone Power's newest threat before It can destroy them all?

Reviewers say:

"A wonderful fantasy that marries magic and wizardry with the natural world." (VOYA: 5Q -- highest rating)
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