Young Wizards Interstitial Works

Young Wizards novels and short works not part of the core series
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Young Wizards: Lifeboats
$3.50 $1.75
In early February of 2011, when the renowned saurian Species Archivist to the Powers that Be summons young wizard Kit...
Interim Errantry 2: On Ordeal
A wizard's Ordeal is intensely personal, and sometimes (though not always) intensely dangerous. Each Ordeal is tailored to the wizard...
Young Wizards 30 Day OTP (Days 1-17)
DD says:"For those of you who don’t know what this is all about: It’s a challenge to draw or write...
Interim Errantry (Young Wizards Interstitials #1)
$9.99 $5.00
What happens between book 9 of the Young Wizards series, A Wizard of Mars, and book 10, Games Wizards Play? ...