Young Wizards New Millennium Editions Single Volumes

The individual volumes of the Young Wizards series. Please note: all ebooks are presently being reissued with the new format covers. As each book is recovered, the Ebooks Direct file handler will send purchasers links to download the new versions at no additional cost.
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So You Want to Be a Wizard, New Millennium Edition
$6.99 $3.50
Thirteen-year-old Nita Callahan’s life in the New York suburbs is a misery because of bullies at her school who just...
Deep Wizardry, New Millennium Edition
$6.99 $3.50
For Shark Week 2019: Until 23:59 Irish/British time on August 5th, Deep Wizardry is available for 50% off. Grab a...
High Wizardry, New Millennium Edition
$6.99 $3.50
Magic doesn't stop where the atmosphere does... Don't take shrewd, eleven-year-old Dairine Callahan for just any bratty younger sibling. Impatient...
A Wizard Abroad, New Millennium Edition
$6.99 $3.50
There's magic across the Atlantic... Nita's mom and dad, worried that she and her fellow wizard Kit are "spending a...
The Wizard's Dilemma, New Millennium Edition
$6.99 $3.50
Sometimes even wizardry may not be enough...For the first time ever, friends and wizardly partners Nita and Kit seem to...
A Wizard Alone, New Millennium Edition
$6.99 $3.50
Great power turns up in surprising places... Kit and Nita join forces once more against the terrible Lone Power on...
Wizard's Holiday, New Millennium Edition
$6.99 $3.50
Even wizards need a break sometimes...! Rest and relaxation...that's what Nita Callahan thinks she's going to get when she discovers...
Wizards at War, New Millennium Edition
$6.99 $3.50
Young Wizards Book 8: The calm before the storm... After returning from a hectic wizardly holiday, Nita and Kit are...
A Wizard of Mars, New Millennium Edition
$6.99 $3.50
It's not scientists who find the first signs of life on Mars. It's wizards... Young wizards Kit Rodriguez and Nita...