Thirteen-year-old Nita Callahan’s life in the New York suburbs is a misery because of bullies at her school who just won’t leave her alone. She’s sure there’s no way this will ever change until one day she finds a strange library book that claims to be an instruction manual in the art of wizardry. At first Nita doesn’t dare believe the book's claim that she too can become a wizard if she's willing to take the Wizard's Oath and undergo every new wizard’s perilous initiation, the Ordeal.

But it all turns out to be true. While practicing her first spells, Nita meets Kit Rodriguez, another fledgling wizard, and the two join forces to build spells that will solve their problems. But without warning those problems get a whole lot more complicated. Kit and Nita find themselves caught up in a desperate hunt for the lost and mystical Book of Night with Moon, which must be found quickly if dire things aren't going to start happening to the Earth.

Their quest for the bright Book leads Nita, Kit, and two strange and unexpected  allies into a dark and deadly alternate Manhattan. But even if they can find the Book hidden there, can they keep it out of the clutches of the Lone Power, the ancient darkness cast out long ago from the heart of the worlds?...

So You Want To Be A Wizard is the kickoff volume of a classic series praised for nearly four decades by critics and readers alike. This New Millennium Edition has been revised and brought up to date for the next generation of Young Wizards readers, and establishes a new timeline for the rest of the series, also available exclusively at Ebooks Direct.

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