Get our whole store for $44!


From now until the end time shown on the countdown clock below,  get an additional 20% off the price of the package containing the entire contents of Diane Duane's Ebooks Direct store. With the extra discount, that's $44 for the whole shebang!

This limited time offer adds a 20% discount to the already discounted package of DRM-free ebooks, containing the first nine volumes of Diane Duane's updated and revised Young Wizards New Millennium Edition series as well as the whole Middle Kingdoms series to date... and much, much more, including ebooks exclusive to Ebooks Direct and available nowhere else. (You can view the full list of books in the package at its product page.)

To get the fully discounted package: go to this URL and put one of the “I Want Everything You’ve Got” packages in your shopping basket. (Make sure to tell the page which ebook format you want/need: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks/Apple or generic .epub). Please note that the store will show the product price [on the product’s own page] as $55 until you proceed to the checkout, where it will display the correctly discounted price of $44. (Sorry about this: it’s how the shop handles things when it’s already got another discount running.)

When you click through to the checkout, you’ll find the store has applied your discount automatically, like this:

Screengrab of Ebooks Direct checkout page

…Then you simply make the payment by whatever method you prefer, and the store emails you the download links for the files. (Need advice on how to get the files into your e-reading device? Check our sideloading support page.)

If by chance you should accidentally go to the main product-page link [which doesn’t auto-attach the discount], the code to add to the "Gift card or discount code" field is EVERY24. If for some reason the code is missing from that field, please add it yourself.

Thanks very much for your interest... and enjoy the 24-hour extra discount!


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