Well, bits of them, anyway.

We’ve just finished the business of creating new covers for the Ebooks Direct versions of these books (the Amazon versions will have different ones) and updating their interior texts, as part of the process of streamlining their interior look-and-feel with the cutting-edge ebook production software Vellum. The Door into Fire was the last of them to go up in the store, just this afternoon.

So as usual we’re having a one-day sale to celebrate: all our Middle Kingdoms works are 20% off for the next 24 hours or thereabouts, until 11 AM British/Irish time on July 29th! (All the works that cost anything, anyway. Sirronde’s World: Parting Gifts remains free until the SW sequence is complete, which won’t be before the end of the year.)

All these ebooks, as usual, are DRM-free and can be moved from device to device at your pleasure. Lose them? We’ll replace them for free. (We have no desire to be mistaken for a large multinational corporation whose name begins with "A". If you bought these books from us once, we don't think you should have to buy them again unless you feel like it.) ...Not sure how to get them into your app or e-reading device? Check our sideloading guide for basic info, or email us for more details. We'll be glad to help.

The books on offer in this sale will load below (please bear with them, they might take a few moments).

And thanks for stopping by!


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