The St. Patrick's Day Cookbook is a collection of more than forty traditional Irish recipes, tested in real Irish kitchens on real Irish neighbors, with links to video tutorials and other unique food resources from the Ould Sod. 

Includes St. Patrick's Day classics such as Irish Lamb Stew and Colcannon, dessert specialties like Baileys Marble Cheesecake, Apple Amber and Irish Coffee Cake: along with a collection of classic Irish soups and side dishes, links to our exclusive Soda Bread tutorials, and the true and definitive recipe for Irish Coffee!

Our Irish cookbook has been a freebie at Ebooks Direct for some while now, but as "The Day That's In It" is upon us, we thought we'd make it a little easier for everyone to get at.

Using the links below, you can download copies without going through the store's checkout. The files are hosted at our storage at, and like all our ebooks, they're DRM-free. (A note in passing: Two of the collected dessert recipes, the Irish Coffee Cake and the Chocolate Orange Guinness Cake, have been revamped to correct problems with the recipes -- people wanted bigger cakes and more frosting / icing -- so you should check their pages (linked to above) at to get the new ingredients listings.)

The ebook formats available include:

...So enjoy! And (assuming you're celebrating the holiday) have a lovely St. Patrick's Day weekend.

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