This is to advise anyone who might have questions on this subject that at the Ebooks Direct site, no books whatsoever have been produced using AI.

Almost all the novels available here were written long before the appearance of AI on the scene. New ones appearing here in the future will also have been written by two genuine human beings, the old-fashioned way: by typing (or dictating) what's in our heads onto computers. No AI tools will be used in that production in any way.

We feel very strongly about this subject because a significant number of our books have already been scraped by people intent on using them to train such large language tools and datasets as the now-disgraced Books3. We very much look forward to the first class-action suits against the people involved, of which we intend to be a part.

Additionally, as a point of information: all artwork on this site (including cover art) is produced by living, breathing human beings, mostly using the Daz Studio 3D platform. 

For its further protection, all our concept art and cover art is in the process of being processed using the Glaze and Nightshade apps, to prevent its use in the training of AI generative-art data sets. 

Thanks for your interest.

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