…ETA: This offer has now run sort of six hours instead of the intended three, so -- as of 20:45 UTC -- we're about to shut it down. Or rather, about to change the price. Continuing to sell the box sets at 5% of the normal price for any longer isn't economically feasible: but until noon UTC tomorrow [November 3], we'll continue to offer the 9-book set for $9.99, or 25% of its normal price.

And many thanks again to all those who assisted us in working out what was going on at PayPal! At least now we have a handle on it.


...So something’s going on with the Ebooks Direct store at the moment. Unusually – MOST unusually – we haven’t had a PayPal sale in here for days. This isn’t normal. It might be a blip, but… it’s a really strange one.

So it would be really helpful if we could get some people to buy something here using PayPal, so we can start getting a handle on what’s going on.

To encourage folks to do this, we have now dropped the price of the 9-volume Young Wizards ebook box set to $9.99. (Between 15:30 to 18:30 UT on Saturday November 2, it was $1.99, but having run three hours longer than that, that price has now been withdrawn.)  It will hold at rthe $9.99 price until 11:59 UTC on November 3.

This box set has NEVER been discounted so deeply, but for a short time we don’t mind, as long as we can find out what’s going on with the store.

So if you’ve been interested in getting these ebooks but have found the price too high in the past, please take a moment to consider whether you might find this price attractive. The only catch: YOU MUST MAKE YOUR PURCHASE USING PAYPAL. Okay?

Just use the sale button in the right-hand column. And if you have problems with your order, please email us at the store's support address and let us know. 

Please and thank you!

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