His name (for those who dare to speak it) sounds like it’s got teeth in it. But mostly Ed’rashtekaresket is referred to as the Pale Slayer… or the Master-Shark.

He may be the oldest living being in the oceans of Earth. His business is ending pain. And young New York wizards Nita Callahan and Kit Rodriguez, distracted by the business of helping save the Tri-State area from death by water, suddenly discover that Nita’s just managed to make herself the Pale One’s very personal business.

Even wizardry may be no help in dealing with this situation…

The New York Times says of Deep Wizardry, "The depiction of Ed’rashtekaresket, the Pale One, slayer and savior, is one of the most riveting in the literature of childhood." So in honor of Shark Week, the New Millennium Edition of Deep Wizardry is on sale for 50% off at Ebooks Direct.

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Go on… take a bite! “Ed” would.

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