ETA: This sale ended at 23:59 Hawai'ian time, September 19, 2016. Thank you for your interest! Please note: some items in the store may be on sale as part of other promotions. Please check the "buy buttons" on this page and the front page of the store for more information.

It's been that time of the year when the weather can get unbearable and the news can get strange (well, stranger than usual). You couldn't be blamed for wanting to escape to some locale where it's normal for the uncommon to seem commonplace.

 We're glad to help... especially if you need some enchantment to take your mind off current events. For just a few hours more, discover a new and different world of wizardry and get a whole lot of magic for not a lot of cash! Because until the sale goes away at midnight on September 19th, everything in our store is available for 60% off.

You can pick up the first nine books of Diane Duane's Young Wizards series in their New Millennium Editions as ebook box sets -- each tailored to your chosen reading device -- for nearly a third the usual price. You'll be getting the revised editions of the first nine volumes for less than USD $2.00 per book!*

Also available at 60% off is the between-books Young Wizards collection Interim Errantry -- 110,000 words of canonical storytelling that fills in the gap between book 9, A Wizard of Mars, and the newest Young Wizards novel, Games Wizards Play.

And since everything else in the store is 60% off too, why not have a rummage through our inventory -- science fiction, YA, fantasy, you name it -- and see what takes your fancy?

All ebooks from Ebooks Direct are DRM-free. Move them from device to device as you please. And unlike other ebook-sales platforms, if you lose your purchases due to device loss or hardware failure, we'll renew your download links free.

So take advantage of the offer while it lasts... and thanks for stopping by!

*$1.78, actually.


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