Extended through the 4th of July weekend!

A different kind of wizardry... a different kind of wizard. Explore the world of New York's longest-resident magicworkers this month and get a lot of magic for not a lot of cash!

Between now and the end of June midnight Hawai'ian time July 5th, you can pick up the Young Wizards New Millennium Edition ebook box sets -- each tailored to your chosen reading device --  at half the usual price. That means you're getting the revised editions of the first nine volumes for just USD $2.22 per book!

Also available at 50% off is the between-books Young Wizards collection Interim Errantry -- 110,000 words of canonical storytelling to fill in the gap between book 9, A Wizard of Mars, and the newest Young Wizards novel, Games Wizards Play. 

Like all other offerings from Ebooks Direct, these ebooks are DRM-free. Move them from device to device as you please. And unlike other ebook-sales platforms, if you lose your purchases due to device loss or hardware failure, we'll renew your download links free.

So take advantage of the offer while it lasts... and thanks for stopping by!

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