If you've found this page, you've probably come here from EuropeanCuisines.com, which is our hobby website. This site, though, is part of our work life. While we're known as EuroCuisineLady and EuroCuisineGuy at EC.com, in real life we're Diane Duane and Peter Morwood, fantasy and science fiction novelists and screenwriters. We've both been on the New York Times Bestseller list, and our TV and film work includes miniseries such as SyFy's Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King and The Lost Future, along with various live-action and animated television work stretching across thirty years.

Here at Ebooks Direct, we offer our readers author-approved ebook versions of all our novels that aren't contractually restricted to being produced by their print publishers. We offer international editions of DD's award-winning Young Wizards series and Peter's classic "Horse Lords" series, along with other standalone works of fantasy and science fiction.

We're also now starting to bring out some of the best recipes from EuropeanCuisines.com in ebook cookbook form. Our first one is the European Cuisines St. Patrick's Day Cookbook, featuring the best authentic Irish recipes from past years' recipe festivals. Next year we'll be following this with the European Cuisines Irish Dessert Cookbook and various other offerings over the course of the year.

Since you've arrived here from EC.com, we're happy to offer you a 25% discount on anything you buy from our ebook store. Just use the discount code "CUISINES" at checkout. (Info on how to use the discount codes during checkout is here.) This discount offer has no expiration date and can be used on as many orders as you like.

In case you're wondering, all our books come in the major ebook formats -- as .mobi files for the Kindle, and as .epub files for the Nook, Sony Reader, and iPad / iPhone.

Click here to browse our catalog. And welcome again!

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