By popular demand! This ebook bundle contains our complete inventory of non-new-release* works. All our ebooks are DRM-free, and come with the usual EBD replacement guarantee: if you lose your ebook files, have a drive crash, or change platforms, just email our support address quoting your order number and we'll replace them or swap formats for you for free. (Because we're a small independent operation without a space program to fund, and we don't see why we should make you pay for things twice.)

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This package was last updated on: May 28, 2024
Added: The Door Into Fire (new cover and reset interior)

(Please note that prices listed below are the individual items' non-discounted prices.)

The package includes:

The 9-volume Young Wizards New Millennium Edition Box Set: ($39.99 retail)
  • So You Want To Be A Wizard
  • Deep Wizardry
  • High Wizardry
  • A Wizard Abroad
  • The Wizard's Dilemma
  • A Wizard Alone
  • Wizard's Holiday
  • Wizards at War
  • A Wizard of Mars

The three Feline Wizardry novels:
  • The Book Of Night With Moon ($4.99)
  • To Visit The Queen ($4.99)
  • The Big Meow ($5.99)

The current Interim Errantry works:
  • Interim Errantry (including the Young Wizards novel Lifeboats) ($9.99)
  • Interim Errantry 2: On Ordeal ($6.99)

Other current Young Wizards interstitial works:
  • The Young Wizards 30-Day OTP Challenge, Days 1-17 ($0.00)
  • The How Lovely Are Thy Branches Advent Calendar ($0.00)
  • Owl Be Home For Christmas ($4.99)

The Tale of the Five series (in separate volumes, but priced as The Tale of the Five Omnibus, $8.99)
  • The Door Into Fire
  • The Door Into Shadow
  • The Door Into Sunset

The current volumes of the "Tales of the Five" prose miniseries:
  • Tales of the Five #1: The Levin-Gad ($3.99)
  • Tales of the Five #2: The Landlady ($7.99)

Other Middle Kingdoms fiction:
  • The Austringer's Wife ($0.00)
  • Sirronde's World 1: The Span ($2.99)
  • (please note: Sirronde's World 2 has not yet been written and is not included in this bundle)
  • Sirronde's World 3: Parting Gifts ($2.99)
  • Lior and the Sea ($2.99)
  • Overdue ($5.99)

Standalone fantasy:
  • A Wind from the South ($5.99)
  • Stealing the Elf-King's Roses ($5.99)
  • Uchenna's Apples ($3.99)

Collected short fiction:
  • Midnight Snack and Other Fairy Tales ($5.99)
  • Uptown Local and Other Interventions ($5.99)

Other short works of fiction / nonfiction:
  • The Rizzoli Bag ($0.00)
  • Meetings on the Stair ($0.00)

And from Peter Morwood, a short work not presently under contract to his primary ebook publisher, Endeavor Press:
  • The Longest Ladder ($0.00)

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As this isn't a very pretty number, we're reducing the bundle to a new test price point at $69.99.

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*Please note that for a 90-day window after their publication, newly released works are not included in this collection. Thanks for your understanding.

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