Caught between  a small land's struggle for freedom and the power that would make her a goddess... which way will she turn?

In the remote mountain village of her birth, Mariarta dil Alicg lives the untroubled life of a peasant girl...until after a mysterious stranger's arrival, she starts to hear voices in the wind. The voices whisper strange promises of command over wind and storm, a magical heritage that will be Mariarta's alone... but only if she submits her life and will to a forbidden power of the ancient world.

When a life-shattering curse falls on her village, Mariarta is forced to voyage across the mountain realm of Raetia in search of a way to break the evil spell -- and is also thrust into battle with the beautiful and terrible being now fighting for possession of her soul.

Mariarta’s journey leads her into hidden domains of sorcery at the same time it embroils her in the desperate battle to overthrow her homeland's cruel oppressors. But to help save her land and people, Mariarta must finally face the immortal Lady of the Storms, and challenge her for final control of her life, her soul, and her destiny...

Reader advisory: This novel rated PG-15 for mature themes, language (Romansch), and the reinvention of democracy.

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