Many folks have asked for an opportunity to support DD's or Peter's writing work without buying an ebook product. (We're looking at installing a dedicated app to make this possible.)

Right now we've got two ways to do this. One is to use the Ebooks Direct link, which is in Peter's name. Use this to contribute whatever amount you like.

The other way is to use this page's "product", which is native to the store. The price we've chosen is about the same as a good cup of coffee in Dublin (the product pic comes from The Bald Barista in Aungier Street, Dublin). Put however many of them in your cart as will suit your preference. The store takes PayPal and all the usual credit cards (our processor for those is Stripe).

And DD (and from upstairs in his office, Peter) says, "THANK YOU in advance for the thought. You folks are the best." :)

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