The wizard-cats of Grand Central Terminal -- housecat Rhiow, alley cat Urruah, techie tortie Saash and formerly feral kitten Arhu -- are summoned to London, where an ancient worldgate has become a "timeslide" that drags innocents into our time from other eras. The feline Gating technicians discover that the malfunction is deliberate, engineered by the evil Lone Power so that it can manipulate an alternate universe into unleashing nuclear horror that will spread across the dimensions.

Rhiow's team has to stop Armageddon. Aided by a human child named Arthur Conan Doyle, the wizards must save the life of Queen Victoria, and then find the forgotten magic needed to rewrite history before the damaged past can destroy the present...

"Duane's deft touch keeps the action moving. Her eye for human -- and feline -- nature makes all the character development here vivid and sensical."-- Talebones  | "A fast-paced, fun read. Anybody who likes fantasy will enjoy this novel." -- Explorations (Barnes & Noble)  | "Cat lovers who enjoy fantasy will delight in this well-constructed tale. Highly recommended." -- Kliatt

Also available at Ebooks Direct: Volume 1, The Book of Night with Moon | Volume 3, The Big Meow

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