In a short novel by Diane Duane, three suburban Dublin teens are drawn into a Halloween mystery that rises without warning out of the mists of Ireland.

Uchenna O'Connor's life is like that of any other Irish schoolgirl, until the horses arrive. The unexplained appearance of a tiny herd of unclaimed "tinker ponies" causes no particular stir among adults in the purpose-built suburb of Adamstown. But Uchenna starts feeling responsible for the hungry ponies on the other side of the wall separating her home from the surrounding fields -- especially the pregnant mare at the heart of the herd.

Concerned, Uchenna secretly hatches a benevolent plot to take care of them, along with her best friend Emer -- an American transplant with a taste for rocking the boat -- and young Jimmy Garrity, a Traveler boy with a yen for higher math and a stubborn streak that drives him to try to beat the odds against his acceptance by "settled" people.

Together the three find themselves enmeshed in trouble in the neighborhood, at school, and even with the police. Will the strange late-October mist lift enough for them to discover the truth behind the mystery in time?

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