Even wizards need a break sometimes...!

Rest and relaxation...that's what Nita Callahan thinks she's going to get when she discovers that her little sister Dairine has signed her up for a wizardly "cultural exchange" program, sending Nita and her partner-wizard Kit halfway across the Galaxy over the spring break.

But nothing about wizardry is ever quite that simple. For one thing, back home, Dairine and her dad have to cope with the other side of the exchange: the three young wizards who've just moved into the Callahan household, eager to start experiencing a strange alien culture....Earth.

After only a few days of riding herd on a nervous shrub, a chatty, adventurous giant centipede and a stuck-up alien prince, Dairine's already not sure she can stand two weeks of this -- or if her father, not to mention the rest of the New York metropolitan area, will ever recover. And then the real trouble starts...

Meanwhile, thousands of lightyears away, Kit and Nita are taking it easy as honored guests in a nearly perfect world, a utopian planet that hardly seems to need wizards at all, where things almost never go wrong. But their own slowly growing suspicions and the increasingly strange senses of Kit's dog Ponch lead the three of them to the paradise planet's one shadowy secret.

Its discovery forces Nita and Kit to go underground and hook up with a most unusual ally -- their oldest and deadliest enemy, bizarrely intent on doing what may be the good deed of a lifetime. Or may not...and only Nita and Kit can stop the plot, or see it through: save a whole species, or condemn it to a horrible fate.

Just another wizard's holiday...

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