DD says:

"For those of you who don’t know what this is all about: It’s a challenge to draw or write a piece of fanfic about your One True Pairing every day for thirty days. It started with this August 2012 posting at “One Hundred Suns” and started spreading around Tumblr after that. (You can use this link to see what other people are doing with the concept: at least the ones who’ve remembered to tag their posts.)

"My interest was casually piqued by this some time back. But not until the other morning, when I saw what the very talented Reapersun had just done with Day 1 — raising the bar quite high — did I realize this might be something I wanted to do too. (And 55,000 words into it, I'm excited to have time to complete it over early 2019.)"

Here are the first 17 days, compiled in ebook format. Work has now begun on the remainder of the month. This ebook will be free to download until 30 days after day 30 goes up. A month later the final 13 pages will be withdrawn from Tumblr and the completed work will be published to Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.

For the time being, this item is FREE. Just go through the checkout process as usual: you won't be charged.

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