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Lior and the Sea (Tales of the Middle Kingdoms #1)
This much-sought-after 12,000-word Middle Kingdoms novelette was published for the first time in the Tor Fantasy tribute anthology Moonsinger's Friends:...
Sirronde's World 1: The Span
Sirronde d'Aneik is a Rodmistress -- one of the many wielders of the blue Flame of Power whom the Goddess...
Sirronde's World 3: Parting Gifts
The third and and final novelette in the Sirronde's World series. Sirronde faces an ultimate challenge as she discovers she...
The "Tale of the Five" Omnibus
"Good strong stuff with the right light touch." --Terry Pratchett"Expands the limits of the swords and sorcery genre. Exciting, magical,...
The Door Into Fire
Book 1 of The Tale of the Five "Good strong stuff with the right light touch." (Terry Pratchett) "Expands the...
The Door Into Shadow
Book 2 of the Tale of the Five "To my way of reckoning, this is an even stronger book than...
The Door Into Sunset
Book 3 of the Tale of the Five "The series as a whole seems destined to become one of the...
The Levin-Gad (Tales of the Five #1)
In this 20,000-word novelette set in the main character through-line of the Door Into... novels, the first man in a...