This bundle contains the three novels of Diane Duane's Feline Wizards trilogyThe Book of Night with Moon, To Visit the Queen, and The Big Meowin which cats who are also wizards repeatedly save the world. (Because if they didn't, who'd clean the litter box?)

The series follows the core wizardly team who manage the busy worldgate complex at New York’s Grand Central Station: an Upper East Side house pet, a neurotic tortoiseshell, a fearless alley tom, and a feral kitten, along with a growing coterie of enemies, allies and friends—some of them very strange indeed.

Together team leader Rhiow and her motley band dare deadly peril in other times and dimensions to keep their home world in one piece...never dreaming what their long mission will do to them, their loves, and their lives, when everything comes to an end. 

The Feline Wizardry bundle makes the books available at 25% off their single-volume price.

The reviewers say...

"Intriguing, with a well-worked backdrop... Fantasy-loving ailurophiles will curl up and purr." —Kirkus Reviews 

"Laughter, spellworks, battles, and personal growth all mesh into a Tolkienesque tale." —San Diego Union-Tribune

"Duane's deft touch keeps the action moving. Her eye for human—and feline—nature makes all the character development here vivid and sensical." —Talebones 

"A fast-paced, fun read. Anybody who likes fantasy will enjoy [To Visit The Queen].  —Explorations (Barnes & Noble) 

"Cat lovers who enjoy fantasy will delight in these well-constructed tales. Highly recommended." —Kliatt


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