This bundle contains all the Young Wizards material in the Ebooks Direct inventory. That's nineteen ebooks, containing:

  • The nine New Millennium Editions of the main-sequence Young Wizards novels
  • The Feline Wizardry trilogy
  • The two collections of interstitial fiction: Interim Errantry and Interim Errantry 2: On Ordeal
  • The only two Young Wizards short stories (as the title item and "Theobroma" in Uptown Local and Other Interventions
  • The non main-sequence novel Young Wizards: Lifeboats and the standalone novella Owl Be Home For Christmas (These last two works are included as independent ebook volumes even though they also appear in the Interim Errantry collections.)
  • The "CD extras" work The "How Lovely Are Thy Branches" Advent Calendar, featuring outtake dialogue from How Lovely Are Thy Branches (which appears in Interim Errantry)
  • The Young Wizards OTP Challenge, Days 1-17: short fiction in the OTP format

Kindle users: As of November 1, 2023, Amazon officially ended support for its old .mobi format. Our Kindle bundle contains the generic .epub versions of our books, and these should sideload to your Kindle device/library with no problems. Check the Kindle page at our sideloading guide for more info.

UK users (if any have managed to make their way to this page despite site redirects in place): Unfortunately we are no longer able to sell to you due to Brexit, and as a result the store will not allow you to complete the checkout process. Our apologies.


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