Book 3 of the Tale of the Five

"The series as a whole seems destined to become one of the best in the genre." (West Coast Review of Books)

"The culminating battle will disappoint nobody. Imaginative, well-handled magical affrays, plus plotting that provides enough twists and turns to keep things interesting." (Kirkus Reviews)

Seven years ago Freelorn Ferrant’s son became an exile from the land he was born to rule, driven out by his usurping half-brother Cillmod and those who preferred a ruler they could control to a prince whose father had never legitimized him with the vital ceremony of Initiation. Since then Freelorn’s life has been about returning to take back his throne and prove himself the only true successor to the heritage of the demigodly White Lion of Arlen.

Now, after long wandering endured and many battles survived, Lorn is primed to return. Eftgan, Queen of Arlen’s ancient ally Darthen, is ready to ride to war on his behalf. He has the aid of his lover Herewiss, first man in centuries to wield the blue Flame of Power; of Segnbora, warrior-Firebearer and human Emissary to Dragonkind; and of the capricious and dangerous fire elemental Sunspark.

But will even so formidable a force be enough? Dark powers fueled by the Shadow’s hatred are massing to meet Freelorn on the battlefield in a great war that will determine whether the Middle Kingdoms survive or fall. And as dangerous as any battle or black magic is the doubt now growing in Lorn’s heart. When he steps into Lionhall to seek his Initiation, will his half-divine ancestor find him worthy to be King? For though armies may win you a throne, it’s the White Lion and the Goddess who decide if you will keep it…

Reader advisory: This novel contains adult / mature themes and situations set in a sexually diverse and inclusive culture.

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