For the wizards who manage the Grand Central worldgates... it's just another day at the office.

“Intriguing, with a well-worked backdrop... Fantasy-loving ailurophiles will curl up and purr.” -- Kirkus Reviews

"Laughter, spellworks, battles, and personal growth all mesh into a Tolkienesque tale." -- San Diego Union-Tribune

"Love it? I could not put it down." -- Jane Yolen

Some cats—the ones who're also wizards —work in the world as the guardians of Gates, maintaining the portals between realities. When an ancient evil threatens to flood through the worldgates hidden in New York's Grand Central Terminal and invade New York with surreal horror from another dimension, four champions—an Upper East Side house pet, a neurotic tortoiseshell, a fearless alley tom, and a feral kitten, are called to defend the Earth.

Four small wizards must walk between worlds into the terrible realm of the Children of the Serpent—facing ultimate battle in a war against a Darkness born untold aeons before the creation of mere Man...

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Volume 2, To Visit The Queen
Volume 3, The Big Meow
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