The Book of Night with Moon: We wish we had it as an ebook!


You're probably looking at this page because Jim Wright recommended this book to you.

Unfortunately we're unable to offer it here as an ebook as those rights are still held by the book's US publisher, Warner Books. We are trying to get them reverted, but this may take some time.

We do occasionally carry stock of the print versions of the books at our sister site Signed Books Direct, where we sell signed mint-condition and otherwise rare or hard-to-find print editions of some of the books at Ebooks Direct. Right now the site says we have no stock of the US paperbacks or the lovely UK hardcover (seen above; cover art by the superb UK artist Mick Posen, who insisted on pictures of our cats before he started painting...), but we're checking into this and should have a better idea shortly. Please check the inventory at Signed Books Direct over the next couple of days to see what we've managed to turn up.

Thanks for your interest!