This gift card can be used to purchase the EBD "Whole Store Bundle" ebook package at the current $55.00 discount price.

All your recipient needs to do is visit the discounted product's URL (, put a package of their preferred format (generic .epub, Kindle .epub, Nook .epub, Apple/iBooks .epub, or Kobo .epub) into their shopping basket, and go through the checkout process until they reach the page that shows them the $55.00 and has a field available for adding a purchase code. When they enter the gift card's code in the field displayed, the price will revise itself to $0.00. Then when your giftee clicks through to complete the purchase, they will be mailed their download links for all the package's files.

If you or your gift recipient have any difficulties with this process, please email our support team at and we'll do our best to assist you.

Thanks for your interest!
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