For buyers of the EBD version of NOT ON MY PATCH: new version's gone live

For buyers of the EBD version of NOT ON MY PATCH: new version's gone live

If you're a previous purchaser of the standalone Ebooks Direct version of the Young Wizards Halloween story Not On My Patch, just a quick note for you.

DD was looking over the present EBD ebook edition of the work, and caught some formatting issues that needed to be fixed. This has now been taken care of, and new versions of the download files have now been uploaded.

If you're interested in getting a copy of the corrected version, just get in touch with Ebooks Direct support at the email address on the support page and we'll send you download links to a new copy within 24 hours or so. Just quote your order number in your email.

UK purchasers please note: while (as detailed here) due to the effects of Brexit we can no longer do new orders for UK customers, if you purchased this ebook on or before December 31, 2020 we can still send you the replacement ebook if you want one. Just email support with your order number and we'll refresh your download links.

For those who purchased the work as part of the Interim Errantry ebook volume (either as a single volume or as part of the "Give Me Everything You've Got" bundle): The IE1 collection volume has been edited to include the corrected Not On My Patch material. Again, the same drill applies: for a replacement copy, just email support and we'll have a new ebook to you shortly.

Thanks, all!

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