"Tweak" reissue of TALES OF THE FIVE #1: THE LEVIN-GAD

After a recent reread of the first of the Tales of the Five prose-miniseries episodes, we found a few formatting hiccups and other minor content issues that needed correction.

So today we reissued Tales of the Five #1: The Levin-Gad to the Ebooks Direct store, with those little fixes in place. If you're a previous purchaser of the ebook (either as a standalone or as part of the "Give Me Everything You've Got" package) and you want a copy of the corrected version, it's yours for the asking.

All you need to do is contact us at the customer support email address and quote your order number. We'll send you download links for the corrected work within 24 hours or so.

And thanks again for your patronage! We appreciate it.




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