INTERIM ERRANTRY 2: ON ORDEAL recovered, reformatted

INTERIM ERRANTRY 2: ON ORDEAL recovered, reformatted

The project of reformatting and recovering everything in the store has been going on for the guts of a year and a half now, and here’s the latest installment.

Interim Errantry 2: On Ordeal – the compendium volume containing the stories of the Ordeals of Young Wizards Roshaun ke Nelaid, Mamvish fsh Wimsih, and Ronan Nolan Jnr – has just been passed through the cutting-edge Vellum ebook production software, and has had a new cover added to the package.

If you’ve already purchased this ebook from Ebooks Direct, you are (as usual) entitled to a free copy of the new edition. All you need to do is drop us a note at the EBD support email address, and we’ll have the store send you new download links. Please note that it may take a day or three to get to your request, as this book has a lot of purchasers.

Don't have a copy yet? Just use the button in the right-hand column to get one.

Also: now that the reformat is complete, we’ll be rolling out a paperback edition of the book at within the next week to ten days. We’ll make an announcement here when it's ready.

Thanks for your interest, all!


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