Newly reformatted in Vellum: YOUNG WIZARDS: LIFEBOATS

Newly reformatted in Vellum: YOUNG WIZARDS: LIFEBOATS

The business of updating our whole online inventory of ebooks to a cleaner, more flexible look and feel continues with Young Wizards: Lifeboats.

This canonical "bridging" novel in the Young Wizards series, falling between A Wizard of Mars and Games Wizards Play, is now available in the store in its newer, spruced up edition, produced with the cutting-edge Vellum ebook production software.

If you purchased this novel in its standalone form (as opposed to its compendium version included in Interim Errantry), you're entitled to upgrade to this newer version at no cost if you'd like to. Just contact us via the Ebooks Direct customer service email address, quoting your order number, and we'll be back to you within 72 hours with new download links.

Don't have a copy? Interested in purchasing one? Use the button below.


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