Just reformatted for Halloween: UCHENNA'S APPLES

Just reformatted for Halloween: UCHENNA'S APPLES

We're continuing the process of updating our whole online inventory of ebooks to a cleaner, more flexible look with Diane Duane's Irish Halloween story Uchenna's Apples.

Links to the updated edition of the ebook will be going out later today via the store's ebook delivery app, FetchApp, to all the novelette's previous purchasers. If you've bought this book from us, you'll see an email containing your new download links within the next six hours or so. (The app staggers emailings so that they won't be mistaken for spam by your ISP.)

>Please note that sales of all multi-format packages of this book have been discontinued (due to lack of demand), as have versions in the legacy .lit format (ditto). Customers who purchased these packages will however continue to receive updates of them, and customers who purchased .lit versions of the ebook will be changed over to new formats on request. 

Thanks, everyone!


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