Re-covered, re-formatted: SIRRONDE'S WORLD 1: THE SPAN

Re-covered, re-formatted: SIRRONDE'S WORLD 1: THE SPAN

The business of updating our whole online inventory of ebooks to a cleaner, more flexible look and feel continues with the works in the Sirronde's World sequence.

The first of these (in the story-chronological sense), The Span, is now available in the store in its newer, spruced up edition, produced with the cutting-edge Vellum ebook production software. It's been re-covered as well.

Links to the updated edition of the ebook have gone out today via the store's ebook delivery app, FetchApp, to all the novelette's previous purchasers. If you've bought this book from us, you'll see an email containing your new download links within the next six hours or so. (The app staggers emailings so that they won't be mistaken for spam by your ISP.)

The third story in the sequence, Parting Gifts, will be updated in similar fashion over the course of this week. (Please note, in case you're curious, that part 2 of this sequence has not yet been written, though it's presently in progress.) Purchasers, please watch out for download emails around next Thursday or Friday.

Thanks, all!

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