New data protection laws and Ebooks Direct

New data protection laws and Ebooks Direct

As both a Europe-based business and one that markets and sells goods to people in the European Union, we're required to be in compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that goes into effect on May 25, 2018.

The point of the new regulation is in making sure that customers have better and more transparent control of the data they share with us, and that they have a say in how we use that data.

To comply with the GDPR, we have to notify all the customers whose data we're holding about their rights under the new regulation. (You've probably already had about a million emails on this subject from other companies you deal with online. Well, here comes one more. Sorry about that!) We'll be doing these notifications over the next seven days for all the customers whose data we hold via subscriptions to our mailing list or via purchase records in the online store at Ebooks Direct.

All our mailing list subscription forms are also being modified to reflect the GDPR's requirements -- meaning specifically that you get a choice of the ways we'll be allowed to use the data you share with us.

If you're on one of our lists (all of which are based on Mailchimp), you'll be receiving an email from us over the next week asking you to confirm whether you want to stay on the list, and if you do, how you want your data used. And while we're doing that, we'll also include a limited-time discount code for you to use on a purchase if you like -- since there's no reason that you shouldn't find something enjoyable in the midst of all this bureaucracy. (Because while this is absolutely a good law, it's a bit of a pain to implement in the paperwork sense.) And a "thank you" gesture for being on our lists, or having been on them, seems appropriate.

(Got a discount code? Wondering what to use it on? Click here for the inventory page.)

Anyway: thanks for your attention!

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