It's DD's 66th birthday. So everything at Ebooks Direct is 66% off!

It's DD's 66th birthday. So everything at Ebooks Direct is 66% off!

DD says:

I've always kind of liked the Hobbit concept of the birthday, where you give everybody else presents. So as a nod in this direction, while I'm off gorging myself on cake of some kind or another (because Peter is taking me away for the weekend and has promised me that THERE WILL BE CAKE), here's the scoop: since I am 66 today,* everything of mine at Ebooks Direct is on sale at 66% off until 23:59 PM Hawaiian time on May 18th.

Yes, even the 9-volume Young Wizards New Millennium Editions box sets. Today they're available at a really crazy price, so if you've been thinking about acquiring these, now's your chance to grab yourself a bargain. (Just a note to remind you that all these books are in the process of being republished with new covers and interior formatting, so if you pick up a set now, expect free updates in the coming weeks. The store will email you with new download links when this happens.)

Anyway, scroll down this page and you can see what's on offer. (Please give the page a moment to load: it routinely takes a few seconds to bring all the books up.)

Meanwhile, I'm off to go see about that cake. Thanks for stopping by!

*AND NOW ELIGIBLE FOR MY IRISH "SENIOR" BUS PASS, HURRAY!!! (heh heh) They have NO idea what they're turning loose on this unsuspecting island...


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