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Newly re-covered: The three Middle Kingdoms "Tale of the Five" novels

Every six months or so we do re-covering work for one or another of our novels that are also present on Amazon. Sometimes the covers here on EBD and the ones on Amazon are different: sometimes they're the same.

This summer, the versions of the Tales of the Five novels in both places are going to have the same covers -- the ones above. If you've already purchased these ebooks from us and would like copies of the versions with the new covers, just drop us a note at the Ebooks Direct customer service address (quoting your order number) and we'll refresh your download links so you can get the new ones. (Please note that we have a lot of purchasers for these books, so it may take a little time to get your refreshed links to you.) The Tale of the Five Omnibus, which is available only at Ebooks Direct, will be re-covered in the next week or so, and the new version can be requested by previous purchasers then.

If you've never purchased any volumes of this series, or have been curious about them and didn't want to pick up the Omnibus, this is a good time to buy one or more of these -- as for the next twenty-four hours you can have a 25% discount on any of the three re-covered volumes, or all of them! Just use the discount code TALEFIVERECOVER at checkout. This discount code will be valid until 4:59PM UK time on May 31st.

You can use the product buttons below to order -- please give the images a moment to load.

About The Door Into Fire:
"Good strong stuff with the right light touch." (Terry Pratchett)
"Expands the limits of the swords and sorcery genre. Exciting, magical, intelligent."
(Publishers Weekly)

About The Door Into Shadow:
"To my way of reckoning, this is an even stronger book than the first... Absorbing, the kind of book one reads in gulps and cannot put down." (Andre Norton)

About The Door Into Sunset:
"The culminating battle will disappoint nobody. Imaginative, well-handled magical affrays, plus plotting that provides enough twists and turns to keep things interesting." (Kirkus Reviews)


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