Now in new covers: TALES OF THE FIVE 1 and 2

Now in new covers: TALES OF THE FIVE 1 and 2

Earlier this summer we moved the main-sequence Middle Kingdoms books, The Door Into Fire, The Door Into Shadow, and The Door Into Sunset, into new covers for their 2019 relaunch on Amazon. To go with them, we've just finished re-covering the interstitial works Tales of the Five #1: The Levin-Gad and Tales of the Five #2: The Landlady. (These will not be available on Amazon until Q4 of 2019; for the time being they're exclusive to Ebooks Direct.)

If you've already purchased these works from us, we'll be delighted to bring your copies up to date to match the copies of the newly-recovered main sequence novels that you might already own. All you need to do is  drop us a note at the Ebooks Direct customer service address (quoting your order number) and we'll refresh your download links so you can get the new ones.

If you've never purchased any volumes of this series, or have been curious about them and didn't want to pick up the Omnibus, this is a good time to buy one or more of these -- as for the next twenty-four hours all the books are 50% off due to the flash sale now kicking off storewide.

You can use the product buttons below to order -- please give the images a moment to load. And thanks for your interest!


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